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IT QUALITY INDEX Expert course

IT QUALITY INDEX Expert course - IT quality assessment framework expert level training


This course provides an introductory overview to the IT Quality Index framework on the first day of the agenda. It details, the need of a holistic approach to IT quality and compares the new IT quality assessment with the operational ways of assessment with focus on specific areas. Course participants will gain knowledge of IT quality terms and how quality can be measured and traced over time in an unbiased, objective way. The course is continued with providing an expert level knowledge of the IT Quality Index framework. It is explained how to communicate the benefits of having knowledge of IT quality to executives and internal IT teams. Candidates will understand the processes of assessment, data processing, benchmarking and presentation to IT and business executives.

More information about IT QUALITY INDEX assessment framework: IT QUALITY INDEX


No pre-requisites, recommended ITIL intermediate certificate or ITIL Expert.

Target group:

Course is targeted to experienced IT managers or senior consultants. For IT managers with the course being focused for IT quality, team leaders, IT quality managers and CIOs.

Course learning objectives:

This qualification represents an expert level of knowledge in the IT Quality Index framework and the concept of quantifying the quality of IT into a management focused form. The course participants will gain expert knowledge of the 48 quality dimensions, how to assess actual and target levels along with how to identify the areas with the greatest improvement potential. Candidates will learn how to manage quality assessment sessions, how to process the captured information and interpret and communicate the resulting data. Participants will gain knowledge of how to focus the communication with the business on the overall quality of IT rather than only on quantity driven operational performance. Candidates will gain an understanding of the central data processing logic, licensing rules and the way of working within the ITQI community.
SFIA skills: Quality management QUMG 5-7, Quality assurance QUAS 4-6, Measurement MEAS 5-6, Conformance review CORE 5-6.

Course agenda:

Day 1

IT Quality Index Foundation

  • IT Quality measurement
    • Motivations
    • Previous models used to analyze IT quality
    • Architectural design of a holistic IT quality assessment
  • IT Quality Index: The model, principles & the IT quality definition.
  • Quality domains, dimensions & attributes:
    • Business/Customers
    • Human assets
    • Services
    • Processes
    • Tools
    • Appearance
  • IT Quality Index assessment
    • Planning, organization & assessment method
    • Analysis & processing
    • Interpreting results, creating a management summary & results presentations
    • Value to the business

Day 2

Managing an assessment session

  • Who/what/how
  • Verification
  • Data processing, Logic
  • Processing the outputs & presenting to stakeholders
  • Value proposition

Certification exam (60 minutes)

Additional information:

The course is led by experienced Accredited IT Quality Expert & Trainers – AITQE / AITQT; Participants will be invited to join the LinkedIn group AITQE which is targeted to Accredited IT Quality Experts and Certified IT Quality Experts.

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